something in the water


When Grumms transforms into a horrible, squid monster (think Creature from the Black Lagoon meets The Muppets), they must hide their identity and try to pass in society as a “normal, human woman”.

Inspired by performer/creator, S.E. Grummett’s experience coming out as transgender, SOMETHING IN THE WATER is a celebration of the “not normal”. By turning into a giant squid monster, performer S.E. Grummett can playfully demonstrate what it's like trying to pass as either male or female, or find the freedom to exist as something else entirely.

Grummett combines live feed video with elements of puppetry and object theatre to play with scale, perspective and visual storytelling in this show. 

Audiences will be spellbound by; stunning digital puppetry, slapstick and satire; all stirred up together with Grummett’s glowing and playful performance. With the perfect balance of absurdist physical comedy and vulnerable self-exploration, the show weaves a touching story of acceptance that anyone can relate to.

'Enter into a wacky world of sea monsters in high heels and angry mobs with tiny pitchforks' (InDaily - Adelaide)

Best Theatre
Adelaide Fringe 2021
Adelaide Fringe 2021
Spotlight Canada 2021
Created & Performed
S.E. Grummett
In collaboration with
Deanna Fleysher
Mind of a Snail
Alyssa Bilingsley
Charlie Peters
Kenn McLeod

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Black Box Live / Hartstone-Kitney Productions

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IN-PERSON  - March 29 - April 3, 2022
Remai Arts Centre - Backstage Stage

Winterruption Festival - Saskatoon, SK
IN-PERSON - April 8, 9, 10, 2022
The Refinery Arts & Spirit Centre

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